Technical Poster & presentation

Technical Poster and Presentation Submission Deadline: by 11:59 P.M. ET on June 14, 2023

Technical Poster

During a Poster Session, finalist teams will be required to present paper posters describing their project. The Poster Session provides teams with an opportunity to expound upon important concepts in their presentations. It also allows the judges to follow up on presentations by asking additional questions for further clarification. The digital files of the posters will also be made available on the Challenge website for others to learn about the projects.

Poster Formatting Instructions

  • Each team should bring a full-size printed poster to display during the Poster Session.
    • One foam/cardboard poster board will be made available for each team to use at no charge. Thumbtacks will also be available to secure posters to the foam/cardboard boards. Printed Posters should be 48” x 36.”
  • Each team is also required to submit the digital file of their poster via the submission form, which will be available on the Challenge website. Digital files are due June 14, 2023.
  • Digital posters will be displayed on the FAA Challenge website and must follow standard guidelines:
    • Posters must be formatted horizontally (landscape) -16:9 ratio (48” x 36” or 9600 pixels x 7200 pixels).
    • Poster file size limit is 100MB.
    • Poster file must be submitted as a PDF file.
    • Images and graphs should be clear, legible, and appropriately sized for the poster. Images and graphs should be “print-ready,” with a minimum DPI of 150 whenever possible.
    • Links or redirects in the body of the poster are not permitted (includes redirecting to a webpage, video, or any other content).
      • All content should be included in the text or directly embedded within the PDF file.
      • All content must be static (i.e., embedded videos are not permitted).
      • If the poster has a References section, links may be included in that section only. Links should be typed out, not hyperlinked.


Teams will present to the Challenge Steering Committee, Program Staff, and other competing teams at the Forum. Presentations are limited to 25 minutes per team, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session; however, teams do not need to use the full 40 minutes if they are not needed. While not everyone is required to speak during the presentation, we encourage all team members to present together in front of the auditorium and be available to answer questions during the Q&A session.


Teams can showcase their solutions through a variety of visual and physical modalities, including but not limited to a modeling and simulation experience (including Virtual Reality), application software demonstration, supported by slides, charts, graphic representations, video, animations, data visualizations, etc.


Presentations should reflect the technical papers. If errors were discovered after the technical paper was submitted, teams should take this time to address them. Significant information discussed during the presentation that was not included in the technical paper will be penalized during scoring.


The accompanying chart deck must:

  • Include a Cover page which includes project title, university name, faculty advisor’s name(s), team names, and category.
  • Use fonts large enough for those to see in the back of the room. Take advantage of high-contrast options and avoid black screen backgrounds and dark videos/animations as they may not present well in the presentation room.

Each team must submit the presentation files as PDF and PPT via the submission form, which will be available on the Challenge website. Presentation files are due June 14, 2023. Files will be pre-loaded on a dedicated laptop, though a team member may control the slides.

  • Presentations will also be available on the Challenge website and livestreamed to the public. Therefore, please be especially careful not to include any sensitive or proprietary information in this file (such information can be included in the technical paper as long as it is clearly identified in the footer of the applicable pages).
Additional details required in each section are included in the Finalist Team Deliverables Requirements (Updated 4/20/23) document.
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